Amigurumi Bear, Crochet bear pattern for beginners by Yarn Over

Pattern: Etsy and Ravelry

Yarn Over Bear Friend. White cotton bear with stripes on his jersey. Amigurumi bear pattern

Meet the newest member of the Yarn Over friend range, “Bear Friend”. I started working on these designs in march 2021. I have created a Bunny, Puppy, and Cat. From 2022 I will extend the group to some new Safari and farm friends.

What you will need to make this bear

This amigurumi bear works great with any yarn, even with the new blanket yarn.
I used the new Cotton Dk from Elle Yarns to make this white polar bear and Kismet 50/50 yarn for the jersey. I used about 60g of white Cotton DK and roughly 30g of each color Kismet 50/50 yarn.
I use 14mm safety eyes for the eyes, but you can embryoid them or crochet small black circles and highlight them with white if you don’t prefer safety eyes.


Other tools you will need

  • 3mm Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing

The pattern

The fun part of this crochet bear pattern is that you can make it any color you wish. You can make the sweater one solid color, give it multiple colors or leave out the sweater altogether.

This bear takes me about 6hours to crochet from start to finish, with breaks in between (need to stretch those hands). When crocheting the bear, you need to assemble the ears, limbs, and tail. The body is crocheted in one piece with color changes in between.

Yarn Over crochet bear pattern

Make your own bear

You can find the pattern to crochet your own amigurumi bear in my ETSY shop or RAVELRY shop.

Share your bear friend creations in Yarn Over Facebook group.

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2 thoughts on “Amigurumi Bear, Crochet bear pattern for beginners by Yarn Over”

  1. Hi Natasha
    I’ve bought most of your patterns and can’t wait for the mermaid and donkey to come out. I just have 1 question since you no longer have a shop on your local web page how do people like me who don’t have a credit card buy your patterns from ETSY or Ravelry? Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas

    • Hi Bev.
      I was still working on the best option to cater to all my followers. I have now revamped my old site into my pattern shop, so you can still buy patterns there. I’m busy updating the shop with all the new patterns. So in a day or two, you will find them there. You can go to the menu bar at the top of this blog and find the link to “SA shop (ZAR currency)


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