Review Crochet branded shirts by Bee Cozy Creations

Want to make sure people know you love crochet, check out these T's by Beecozycreations!

Crochet shirt by Beecozycreations

Six months ago, Beecozycreations reached out to me asking if I would review her T’s if she sent me one. How could I not agree to this!! Of course, I always love to support other art businesses.

You might see six months and think, “WOW, that is a long waiting period,” but keeping in mind, I live in South Africa, and Beecozycreations is in Canada. With Covid-19 and free shipping, six months is not that long waiting period for me.

The quality!!

Off the bat, I have to say that the quality of this T is impressive. It feels good on the skin and is super soft.
I got it all wrinkled up when it arrived in the postage, but it ironed out super smoothly without much struggle.
The material is thick, and the print on the T is spot-on. The print is soft and has no cracks; it doesn’t feel like plastic or scratchy to the skin; it is also just the right height.

Pint T from Beecozycreations

What Beecozycreations says about their T's

“Our shirts are made using Bella+Canvas shirts, they are soft, comfortable, and the fit is perfect. Bella+Canvas shirts are made in an Eco-friendly facility using Eco-Friendly dyes and machines.”

Body positivity!

When they asked me for size, I decided to go with large. I wasn’t sure if the medium would fit me; I don’t like clothing too tight around my body, especially around my tummy, “having had kids, you know the struggles.”
The large ended up being a little big, but I love the extended cut and the covering of my hips!
Bee Cozy Creations has a wide range of sizes to fit all. I love that they do point this out on their website as well.

Where can you order yours!

BeeCozyCreations has this super cute website you can visit and order online. CLICK HERE!

Cozy Bee Creations offers worldwide shipping, even to South Africa. These T’s will make great birthday and Christmas presents for someone special in your life!


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Bee Cozy Creations

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