Stop using the words “crochet items” if you want to start selling

Are you struggling to sell your crochet items? You just opened your shop and shared that you make “handmade crochet items,” and now you are hearing crickets, and no one even likes your post?
In this article I’m going to tell you how to improve your crochet sales!

Most common mistake newbies make, is not being specific on what they make.

Using the term “Handmade crochet items, I sell crochet items” or “I make crochet items on order”

This can leave a gap between you and your ideal customer. Not being specific enough on what you make can leave many customers confused or not interested.
We won’t hear a wedding dress designer say, “I sell sewing items.” You will see them post something like, “I design modern wedding dresses for plus-size women.” or ” Wedding dress designer for curvy women.” Do you notice how much information is in that statement?
You will know what they do and if you’re not a “Curvy woman” you won’t contact them to design you a dress.

When you only use the word “crochet” without being specific you leave a lot of room for your ideal customer not to find your shop or post.

You need to realize that your ideal customer won’t go on the internet and search “hand-made crochet” or “Crochet items.”
They will be searching for what they need— a sheep baby mobile, messy bun beanie, hand-made baby blanket for a girl.

Many of your customers won’t even know what crochet is!

How to sell crochet items

How often has someone asked you if you can “Knit” them something? And you get irritated because you crochet, and it is not knitting.
It’s because people refer primarily to knit as it is more common – In clothing stores. After all, a huge part of your client base doesn’t know the difference between knit and crochet. All that they see is a beautiful piece made out of yarn. Honestly, when you first started, could you spot the difference between a knitted and crochet piece? I couldn’t.

To succeed in selling your items, you need to start thinking and speaking like your ideal customer and stop thinking like a crocheter.

how to setup your crochet store

When I still did custom orders I would have this at the top my page as a pinned post. So that when someone went to my page they would know what they could get from me.

How to think like your ideal customer

Use product description that fits your client’s need: Instead of saying, “I sell crochet blankets.” Replace it with “I design, customizing super soft and wooly baby crib blankets with themed animals sewed onto it.” Now you got your customer’s interested and getting the proper attention because someone searching for “soft baby blanket,” will find your shop or post.

Optimize your listing with keywords your customer will use: Instead of just using words, crochet toy, crochet amigurumi toy. Switch to what your customer will look for when they search for something. Example: handmade zebra toy, safari nursery theme mobile, Soft Easter bunny toy, chunky messy bun beanie, soft handmade baby blanket, crib size baby blanket.

Use hashtags that your customer will use: I often see makers trying to sell their products on Instagram using crochet-related hashtags, #amigurumi #amigurumitoy #crochetofig. Like I mentioned in the article before, most likely, your customer doesn’t know what crochet or knit is or they don’t know the difference. You can try these hashtags #handmadetoys #customorders #nurserydecor #crochetaccesories #customcrochetmakes. (yes, you can still use the word crochet in your tags, some customers will search for a crochet item.)

Need a bunny for Easter, Floppy Flo is the perfect size and shape to fit in that basket! Click HERE for pattern

Crochet rabbit pattern for easter

Summary of this post…

It all comes down to taking the time to research your ideal customer. Look at what you want to make first, then create your customer avatar and, in bubbles around her head, think of her needs and wants. What will she be searching for on the internet?

Example: Susan is pregnant with a little boy; what will Susan need once the baby is here? Burp-cloth, mittens, beanies, blanket, washcloth, bibs.

Also, think of what Susan will want once the baby comes. Nursery, stroller, car seat, playmat.

Write down a list of things you can make for each, and then decide what you want to focus on creating and working around those items, building keywords and taglines. So that once Susan is ready to start buying things for her baby, she can find you.

Although using the word crochet for your listings isn’t bad because some customers are looking for crochet items, you will reach more people in your niche with more non-crochet-related keywords.

If you have taken something from this post and implemented it into your business, let me know how it worked for you in the comment section below.
Growing a handmade business takes time. It took me almost six months before I started seeing actual results, and people reached out to me for custom makes.

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