How to crochet small fox free pattern

Fox Friend FREE crochet-a-long by Yarn Over

Welcome to the first free Crochet-a-long of 2022. Meet the Yarn Over Friend Fox; it is a range of friends I have created, and to see the other friends, you can click HERE.

What is a crochet-a-long?

Crochet-a-long or – CAL is when a pattern is split into a few parts, and each section of the pattern is released on different dates set by the designer. Crochet-a-long is a fun project for people to finish over a certain amount of time.

Free fox crochet pattern

Fox Friend pattern is available on ETSY and RAVELRY 

Second option to know when the CAL is Live and started is to join my Facebook group.

How to crochet a fox

SIZE: If you use the recommended size hook and yarn weight the pattern provides, the Fox will be around 28cm/11 inches. The Fox can be bigger or smaller, depending on yarn and hook, but that is the fun part about Amigurumi; no test swatches are needed.

SKILLS: This is a beginner-friendly pattern of basic crochet are needed. Magic ring, Single crochet, increase and decrease. You will make the limbs first for this pattern as it is a no-sew pattern for the limbs. You can attach the limbs afterward.

Crochet Fox free pattern

The yarn and tools you will need for the crochet-a-long

  • Colour A: Orange main color 70g
  • Colour B: black for paws 30g
  • Colour C: white for body, nose, and tip of tail 30g
  • Colour D: Red for scarf 20g 

The yarn I used: Raeesah 100% cotton double knit / light worsted weight yarn/ 8ply

  • scissors
  • stuffing 12mm
  • safety eyes (optional)
  • stitch marker
  • tapestry needle
  • 3 mm crochet hook
How to crochet small fox free pattern

How will you get the parts for the Fox crochet-a-long?

The Fox pattern will be divided into three different parts. Because it is a no-sew limb, we will start with the arms and legs. The second part will be the body, and the third part will be all the added details, the muzzle, ears, tail, and scarf.


25 Jan – 29 Jan: All four limbs.

30Jan – 3 Feb: The body.

4Feb- 9Feb: The muzzle, ears, tail, and the scarf.

Crochet-a-long fox pattern

If you don’t want to follow along for the CAL, but want the pattern, sign up for the newsletter or join the Facebook group for special discount code to purchase the pattern ahead of time on the 24th of January.

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