Farm Lamb pattern adjustments

The Farm lamb is by far my best seller; no other pattern that I have designed has beaten his sales to this date.
The Farm lamb was the first pattern I designed and sold in 2019. Since then, this little guy has evolved and has even taken on a new wool coat.

To adjust the pattern you will still need the original copy of the Lamb Pattern. Pattern is available on ETSY 

You can also Favor and find the pattern on RALVERY.

If you’re from SA, you can purchase this pattern in my local shop SA SHOP.


Crochet lamb pattern

The farm lamb started with the berry stitch for the body and some black crochet eyes. Later on, I updated the pattern to the puff stitch because more people seemed to know the puff stitch better.

How to crochet sheep

Since 2019 I have sold almost 900 copies of this pattern. This pattern gave me hope, and I realized that I could achieve things.
He will stay my most beloved pattern.

Amigurumi lamb pattern

Here are some of the Farm Lambs made by other crochet ladies. I wish I could search and find them all. If you have made this lamb, please send me a photo of your creations.

Farm Lamb

Last year I updated the pattern and added the safety eyes. It changed the results of this sheep completely. Although most make it now with safety eyes, you can still use the crochet eyes, as I have left that section in the pattern.

Brand new adjustment to the Farm lamb pattern

This weekend I wanted to try something new. I know that the puff stitches can be a real yarn eater, and it takes a long time to make them.
So I thought of making the Farm Lamb without them, “shearing” him. Removing the puff stitches made a big change in the time it takes to make this sheep and saved a lot more yarn.
You will first have to get thicker yarn, like Aran or chunky, if you want to make him without the puff stitches.
You will now follow the pattern as written in the PDF; you will only be swopping the “Puff stitch, SC” rounds with HDC. You will still be doing a round of SC between each HDC round. Decrease as normal.

Farm Lamb adjustment

I made the same changes to the head by replacing the “Puff, SC” rounds with HDC.
As I have mentioned, you will have to use a thicker yarn for the body to close the gaps between the half-double crochet when you are going to stuff it.
I used a mixture of yarn for the Lamb. The face and legs are charity DK in the color gravel, and the body is a mixture of Snowball cream and Elle gypsy Aran yarn.

Yarn Over with Natasha

Disclaimer: Even with the changes made to the pattern, you will still need the original design to crochet the lamb. This is not a free pattern, and PDF can not be sent without payment.

Please keep in mind that this pattern is still the property of Yarn Over, and the pattern may not be altered and made into a new pattern to copy and sell.

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