Free pattern for bunny pillow case

Nursery bunny pillow – Free crochet pillow pattern

You might find this one a bit odd as it is not my usual content or choice of pattern, but I’m taking a chance and expanding my niche to Nursery Décor and not only Amigurumi.

C2C bunny pillow pattern for unisex nursery

If you don’t know the style of this cushion, it is called the corner to corner (C2C) graph, meaning you are working diagonally from the bottom right corner to the upper left corner. As you move up the chart, you will change colors as suggested to create the face of the bunny.

Free bunny pillow pattern

You might think weaving in all those ends when color changes can be painstaking. But I love this design because it is a pillow that will be closed up, so no one will see all the yarn ends dragged to the next section.

crochet bunny pillowcase
  • Get PDF- print friendly pattern here on my SHOP
  • If you are from South Africa you can buy the pattern HERE.
  • You can also get the pattern on ETSY and RAVLERY.

In the paid version you will get a section where I explain how to read a graph and written section of the pattern.

free bunny pattern

The pattern

Description: Quick and easy two panel corner 2 corner pattern for Easter decor or Nursery. 

Yarn and Materials needed:

Yarn Needed:
double knit/light worsted yarn

Colour W- White: 60g
Colour G- Grey: 2x 100g
Colour B- Black: 20g
Colour P – Pink: 30g
standard 45cmx45cm pillow
tapestry needle


  • This is a Corner 2 Corner (C2C) crochet pattern. You will be making 2 separate panels and joining them together at the end.
  • Each panel is worked diagonally from the bottom right corner to the upper left corner. One panel will have the bunny and the second panel will be one solid color.
  • Each block on the graph is 1 square. 1 square consists of a Ch 2 and 3 Dc.
  • When you reach the first corner (row21) you will no longer be increasing on that side of your panel. Work a decrease square instead.
  • After every color change and tie off, be sure to tie the two ends into a knot to prevent the pillow from unravelling. When you join your panels together you will have all the ends on the inside.


free crochet pillow with a bunny on it

Gauge: 6cmX6cm”= 3 Sq by 3 Sq

Finished Size: Not stretched: 39cm x39cm

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND! You are welcome to sell your finished pillow but…

Although the pattern is FREE on my blog, the pattern and images contained in this document is still the property of Yarn Over with Natasha.

This pattern is for personal use only. THIS PATTERN may not be copied or used on a blog post without my consent. You may NOT screen shot and share this pattern on your personal platform.

bunny graph for pillowcase

The second panel of the pillow will be just one solid colour. 


Once you have made both side of the panels you need to attach them together.

ASSEMBLING: Place the two sides of the panels together with the wrong side of the bunny face showing on the outside. With your hook, slip stitch the three sides of the pillow together. (flip the pillow right-side-out.) Insert your scatter cushion and using your tapestry needle sew the top of the pillowcase close.


free crochet bunny pattern

Complete your pillow with a small amigurumi bunny. You can find the FREE pattern HERE!

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