Molly doll Free CAL-Part one

Molly doll Free CAL part one:

And here we go! Hi Crafter, Here is part one of making Molly Doll! First off we are going to get the limbs out of the way! It is important to make them first because we will attach them as we do the body next week!

This is a free crochet-a-long for Molly doll. This crochet doll pattern is part of my pattern collection, you can click HERE to visit my Etsy store. Click through to my Introduction post of Molly to see what you will need to make this dolly. 

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Pattern information:

Yarn: I used Elle Charity Pullskein to make my horse. The Colours are listed below:

  • Colour A: 40g Amber (Skin colour)
  • Colour B: 25g White (Socks/panty)
  • Colour C: 10g Camel (Bottom of shoes)
  • Colour D: 40g Watermelon (Dress/shoes)
  • Colour E: 20g Citrus (Hair)
  • Colour F: 15g Canary yellow (Bows/dress)
  • Brown and white yarn for facial features

Stitch terms:

  • SC: Single Crochet
  • INC: INCrease
  • DEC: DECrease
  • SLP: Slip stitch
  • MC: Magic Circle
  • DC: Double Crochet
  • HDC: Half double crochet
  • BLO: Back loop only
  • TYW: Turn your work
  • PUFF: Puff stitch
  • Repeat the stitch sequence between (…..) by the amount stated next to it.
  • The pattern is written in US terms.
  • The amount of each stitch at end of each round is shown in the […].
  • Working in continuous rounds with your stitch marker.
  • BLO: Looking at your stitch from above you will see two loops, you will only insert your loop into the back loop.
  • PUFF: PUFF STITCH: Yarn over, insert the hook in the stitch, yarn over, draw the yarn through the stitch, yarn over, and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on the hook – Repeat x2.

Visit my YouTube channel for tips and tricks to follow with my amigurumi patterns.

For this part of the Crochet-a-long we will be making the arms and legs for Molly

Add free, Printable pattern is available in my shops, use the code: Mymollydoll to get 20% off! 

Grab the pattern on ETSY or RAVELRY
or on my South African shop HERE.

How to create movable legs:

Button and thread joints

Make sure you use a very strong thread like cotton/ nylon/floss/fishing line/ fine wire to attach the limbs – it will have to endure quite a bit of tension and can be a bit difficult to mend, should it break.

You will need four buttons. Place the first button inside the leg, drawing through the choice of thread to the outside of the legs. Place the second button inside the body and draw the thread through the wall of the body and button. Pull tight and knot it a couple of times. You can use a little bit of fabric glue on the knot to make sure it is secure.


Safety eyes for joints

If you don’t have buttons, you can use a pair of safety eyes, and place a little bit of fabric glue on the back of the safety eye before placing it inside the leg and pushing the screw through the wall of the leg. Push the screw through the wall of the body and add some fabric glue on the inside of the washer before pushing it over the screw


Toy Joints

Toy joints are used in the same method as your safety eyes, they are just made specially for joints on dolls.

Attach limbs while crocheting:

The arms or legs that you want to attach should be closed at the top. Do this by pinching the opening of the limb between your fingers and SC across, giving it a flat even surface.

Place the limb against your working piece (The body) on the outside and line up the limb stitches with the stitches of your working piece (The body). Continue to crochet as normal, except that you will now push your hook through the stitches of the arm and body.

The Pattern

ARMS: (Make two)

Colour A: 

1: Ch 4, SC in the 2nd CH from the hook, INC, 4 SC in the last ch, move to the other side of the chain- INC, SC [10]

Work in continuous rounds:

2: (SC, INC) x5 [15]

3: SC in each stitch around [15]

4: PUFF, SC 14 [15]

5: SC in each stitch around [15]

6: (1 SC, DEC) x5 [10] Start stuffing the hand

7-19: SC in each stitch around [10]  Stop stuffing after round 16

Pinch the arm between your index and thumb and SC 5 stitches across, closing up the opening of the arms. Slip stitch and weave in the end of each arm.

SHOES & LEGS: (Make two)

Bottom of the shoe:

Colour C: (Camel)

1: CH5, INC 2nd chain from hook, SC in next 2 stitches, 4 SC in the last stitch. Move to the opposite side of the chain5, SC in the next 2 stitches, 2 SC in the last stitch. [12]

Work in continuous rounds:

2: (1SC, INC ) x6 [18]

3: SC, INC, (2 SC, INC) x5, SC [24]

4: SC 9,(INC x6), SC 9 [30]

Top of the shoe:

Change to colour D : (Watermelon)

5: BLO: SC in each stitch around [30]

6: SC9, (DEC x6), SC 9 [24]

7: SC 6, (DEC x6), SC 6 [18]

8: SC3, (DEC x6), SC 3 [12]

Change colour B: (White) – Stuff the shoe

9: BLO, SC in each stitch around [12]

10-11: SC in each stitch around [12] 

Change colour A: (Amber) – Stuff the leg as you increase rounds

12: BLO, SC in each stitch around [12]

13-25: SC in each stitch around [12] 

Insert the joint/ button or the Front of the safety eye between rounds 24/25.

26: (DEC) x6 [6] – slip stitch and weave in the ends

Molly doll free crochet a long pattern by Yarn Over with Natasha

That is it for Part one! Move on to PART TWO

Make a cute puppy to go with your dolly! You can find the pattern for the puppy HERE.


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