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Crochet dinosaur snuggler – Free crochet-a-long pattern

Get ready to go on a prehistoric adventure with my new “Cuddle Me Dinosaur” crochet pattern!

This fun and adorable pattern is perfect for babies and young toddlers still looking for that little comforter to provide them security at night or when they have to visit the doctors. 

The best part of the new dinosaur cuddle me pattern? You’ll only need minimal sewing to complete this project.

Over the next three weeks of February, I’ll be breaking down the pattern into three parts, for a fun follow along to create your own cuddly dinosaur. 

how to crochet a dinosaur free pattern



Grab the pattern on ETSY, RAVELRY or if you are from South Africa you can go HERE.

What is a crochet-a-long?

Crochet-a-long or CAL is when a pattern is split into a few parts, and each section of the pattern is released on different dates set by the designer. Crochet-a-long is a fun project for people to finish over a certain amount of time.

How to take part in the crochet-a-long

There is two options to get notified when the CAL starts and when the next section of the CAL will be released. 

You can sign up to my email list and get notified when the CAL is live and ready.

If you have already signed up for my mailing list you will receive email notification

Second option to know when the CAL is Live and has started is to join my Facebook group.

Size of the dino cuddler: If you use the recommended size hook and yarn weight the pattern provides, the dinosaur will be around 30cm/11,81 inches. The cuddler can be bigger or smaller, depending on yarn choice, hook, and tension. but that is the fun part about Amigurumi; no test swatches are needed.


This is intermediate pattern. Basic amigurumi crochet skills are needed. Magic ring, Single crochet, increase and decrease. But also other techniques, working rows and in oval shapes, puff stitch and Double crochet. We will be starting with the arms and legs, move on to the head and body and last part would be the nose, tail and spots.

The time line for the CAL

Free crochet-a-long for Dino cuddle me pattern is starting on Friday 10th of February (South Africa time) .

This crochet cuddler pattern pattern is part of my pattern collection, you can click HERE to visit my Etsy store.


Please note: Once the section of the CAL is publish the “LIVE and date” will change to “VISIT POST”

Dino cuddle legs: VISIT POST

Dino Head and body: VISIT POST

Dino nose,tail and spots:  VISIT POST

This Crochet-a-long for Dino cuddle me will be staying on the blog. 


What you will need to make your cuddle me dino

I used Elle Charity 300g DK yarn but you can use any yarn you prefer, just make sure to adjust your hook size.

  • Colour A: Blue 60g
  • Colour B: White 20g
  • Black and white embroidery thread for eyes

Hook: 3.5mm

Other materials:

  • scissors
  • stuffing
  • 10/12 mm safety eyes (optional)
  • stitch marker
  • tapestry needle
free crochet-a-long on how to crochet a dino cuddle me pattern

That is it! see you all on the 10th of February when I upload the first part of this cute cuddle me dino pattern!


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