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Penny the cow- Free crochet-a-long/ Part two

How to crochet a cow- free pattern

Today we are back with part two of this Crochet-a-long of Penny the cow. In part two we will be making the head, ears and horns. 

If you have missed part one, click HERE and if you haven’t started the crochet-a-long an new to this pattern go to Penny’s introduction post to see what you will need to make this cow.

Penny is a minimal or low sew pattern. In part one we have made the arms and legs so that you can insert them as we make the body next week. In next week crochet-a-long section I will share some tips on how to easily attach the head with no hassels.

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crochet cow pattern
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If you missed my pervious crochet a long of Britney the Bunny, You can click HERE to view her introduction post with all the sections to the parts listed on my blog. Britney has a removable dress, and she is also a low sew patterns as she is worked from the feet up and the head and ears are attached afterwards. 

how to crochet a bunny, free pattern

Penny the cow part two:


1: Start 6 SC in the magic ring [6]

2: SC in each st around [6]

3: (INC) x6 [12]

4: SC in each st around [12]

5: (INC, SC) x6 [18]

6: SC in each stitch around [18]

7: (INC, 2 SC) x6 [24]

8: SC in each st around [24]

9: (DEC, 2 SC) x6 [18]

10: (DEC, SC) x6 [12]

11-13: SC in each stitch [12] 

Fasten off and leave a strand of yarn to attach the ears on the side of the head.


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1: Start 6 SC in the magic ring [6]

2: (INC) x6 [12]

3-5: SC in each st around [12]

Stuff the horn, leaving a strand of yarn to attach the horns to the top of the head.  

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Free cow pattern

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colour for nose:

1: Start 6 SC in the magic ring [6]

2: (INC) x 6 [12]

3: (INC, SC) x6 [18]

4: (INC, 2 SC) x6 [24]

5: (INC, 3 SC) x6 [30]

6: (INC, 4 SC) x6 [36]

7: (INC, 5 SC) x6 [42]

8-9: SC in each st around [42] 

10: PUFF, SC 12, PUFF, SC 28 [42]

11-12: SC in each st around [42] 

Change colour of cow:

13-14: SC in each st around [42] 

15: (INC, 6 SC) x6 [48]

16: (INC, 7 SC) x6 [54]

Insert eyes between rounds 15/16, about 15 stitches apart

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17 – 21: SC in each st around [54] 

22: (DEC, 7 SC) x6 [48]

23: (DEC, 6 SC) x6 [42]

24: SC in each stitch around [42]

25: (DEC, 5 SC) x6 [36]

26: (DEC, 4 SC) x6 [30]

27: (DEC, 3 SC) x6 [24]

28: (DEC, 2 SC) x6 [18]

29: (DEC, SC) x6 [12]

30: (DEC) x6 [6]

Stuff the head firmly.

Leave a strand of yarn to close the head at the back.

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Take a strand of yarn, the same color as the cow, and knot it at the side, where the eye is, squeeze the face between your thumb and index finger, and work your needle back and forth between the two eyes. Pull yarn tight each time to form the eye sockets “Dents” in the face

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