free crochet-a-long to make a cute crochet cow

Penny the cow- Free crochet-a-long/ Part four

Welcome back to our crochet a long series for Penny the cow! If you’ve been following along, we’ve already covered the head, body, and legs of our adorable Penny the cow amigurumi. In this fourth and final part, we’ll be crocheting the tail and adding some cute hearts as spots. As always, you can find my very detailed step-by-step instructional pattern with photos on my website HERE, make it easy for even beginners to follow along. Let’s get started on the finishing touches of this sweet little cow!

If you haven’t started the crochet-a-long and new to this pattern go to Penny’s introduction post to see what you will need to make this cow.


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Free cow pattern

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crochet cow pattern

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How to crochet a cow- free pattern

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Part four:

HEART SPOTS: Make four

COLOUR C: (Black)

1:MC, CH 3, TCx3, DCx3, CH1, TCx1,CH1, DCx3,TCx3

CH3, slip stitch into the MC and pull the MC tail yarn tight to form the heart.

End off with a slip stitch, leaving a strand of yarn to attach the heart to the body of the cow.

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colour of cows hair:

1: Start 4 SC in the magic ring [4]

2: SC in each st around [4]

3: INC x4 [8]

4: (INC, SC) x4 [12]

5-6: SC in each st around[12]

7:(DEC, SC) x4 [8] Stuff the tip of the tail

Change to colour of cow:

8-20:SC in each st around [8]  stuff the tail

Slipstitch, Leave a strand of yarn to sew onto the back of the body.  bottom.

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free cow pattern

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