How to crochet a bunny free pattern

Crochet-a-long bunny part two

we are back hopping right into part two of this bunny crochet-a-long!

If you haven’t seen this crochet-a-long and want to join in you can read about everything on you need to make this bunny HERE and then hop on over to part one making the head and ears HERE.

In part two for the crochet-a-long we will be creating the body for your little bunny.

You need to read this section carefully because the body has a little curve to it so you will be decreasing at different points of the body.


free bunny crochet pattern. pattern for crochet bunny

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free crochet-a-long for toy rabbit

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free crochet bunny pattern

Part two:


Main colour:

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2: INC x6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) x6 [18]

4: (2 SC, INC) x6 [24]

5: (3 SC, INC) x6 [30]

6: (4 SC, INC) x6 [36]

7: (5 SC, INC) x6 [42]

8: (6 SC, INC) x6 [48]

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9-11: SC in each stitch around [48]

12: (2SC, DEC) x6, SC 24 [42]

13: (2SC, DEC) x6, SC 18 [36]

14: (2SC, DEC) x6, SC 12 [30]

15: (3SC, DEC) x 6 [24]

crochet bunny pattern

If you don’t want to wait for the rest of the pattern you can also grab the PDF printable pattern with detailed photos and assembling on ETSY

16-18: SC in each stitch [24] 

19: (2SC, DEC) x6 [18]

20-23: SC in each stitch around [18]

Next section of this crochet-a-long will be live the 19 of June

This bunny pattern will only be available on my blog until the 30th of June! 

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