How to crochet a mouse free pattern

Crochet mouse lovey- Free pattern

Looking for a cute low-sewing mouse snuggler pattern that you can crochet in less than a day? You have come to the right place my crochet friend!

In this blog post you will not only find the cutest snuggler mouse you have ever seen but also the easiest mouse lovey pattern out there! This super cute crochet mouse snuggler can be made with any weight yarn, you will need to scroll down to see what I’m talking about. 

You will need at least two colours of yarn, scissors, stuffing and a crochet hook to complete this mouse pattern, so don’t let me keep you waiting! Get hooking! 

Crochet your own super cute cuddle me mouse by Yarn Over with Natasha by following this free pattern!

how to crochet a mouse, free pattern

Want the printable pattern?

free crochet mouse pattern

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With the printable pattern you will get step by step tutorial with photos included on how to make your mouse. Included in this pattern is also how to create adorable eyes using a needle felting kit. 

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cute mouse pattern to make for free

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Size of the crochet mouse: If you use the recommended size hook and yarn weight the pattern provides, the hippo will be 28cm/ 11.08 inches.

Skills: This is a beginner-friendly pattern. Basic amigurumi crochet skills are needed. Magic ring, Single crochet, increase and decrease. 

What you will need to crochet this cuddle me mouse

  • 3.5mm hook
  • scissors
  • stuffing
  • 10/12 mm safety eyes (optional)
  • stitch marker
  • tapestry needle

Yarn: Double knit / light worsted weight yarn

  • Colour A: Body 60g
  • Colour B: hands/feet 20g
  • Colour C: Inner ear 10g
  • White cotton for the eye highlight
  • A Little bit of brown or black embroidery floss for the facial details.
  •  eyes.

Abbreviations and explanations

  • MC: Magic Ring
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • DC: Double crochet
  • PUFF: Puff stitch
  • INC: INCrease
  • DEC: DECrease
  • SLP: Slip stitch
  • CH: Chain
  • BLO: Back loop only

The written pattern for this cuddle me mouse is also available to purchase at a lower price. This PDF pattern only contains the written text provided in this pattern. For the full detailed pattern with photos tutorial go to my Etsy/Ravelry shop.

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how to crochet a mouse

If you have never made a no-sewing or low-sewing pattern and you are not sure how to attach the limbs while crocheting the body you can read up on my 5 steps to change an amigurumi into a low- or no- sewing pattern.

How to turn an amigurumi pattern in to a low sew pattern

Here is the free mouse pattern:

ARMS (Make two)

Colour B:(Pink)

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2: INC x6 [12]

3-4: SC in each stitch around [12]

5: PUFF, SC in remaining 11 sts around [12]

6-7: SC in each stitch around [12] *2 Rounds* – stuff the hand

Change to colour A: (Grey)

8-19: SC in each stitch around [12]

Stuff the arms firmly till round 15

End off with a slip stitch, pinch the opening of the arm between your fingers, and slip stitch or SC 6 across to close the arms. Weave in the yarn strand

FEET (Make two)

Colour B:(Pink)

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2: INC x6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) x6 [18]

4: SC in each stitch around [18]

5: (SC, DEC) x 6 [12]

6-10: SC in each stitch around [12] 

Stuff feet firmly

End off with a slip stitch, pinch the opening of the feet between your fingers, and slip stitch or SC 6 across to close the leg. Weave in the yarn strand


Colour B:(Pink)

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2-19: SC in each stitch around [6] Don’t stuff

Slip stitch and leave a longish tail of yarn to attach the tail between rounds 14/15 of the body.

You can also weave in the yarn tail and attach the tail in the same method as the arms and legs.

Visit my YouTube channel for tips and tricks on how to embroider the face!

INNER EARS: (Make two)

Colour C: (Neutral)

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2: INC x6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) x6 [18]

End off with a slip stitch, leaving a strand of yarn to sew the inner ears onto the outer ears. Sew the inner ears at the bottom of the outer ears. Attach it with a whip stitch, only working in the front post stitches of the outer ears.

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OUTER EARS: (Make two)

Colour A: (Grey)

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2: INC x6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) x6 [18]

4: SC, INC, (2SC, INC) x5, SC [24]

End off with a slip stitch, leaving a strand of yarn to sew the ears to the head. Attach the ears between rounds 3-8 counting from the top of the head.

free pattern

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easy to crochet beginner mouse pattern

Ads free, Printable pattern is available in my shops

Grab the pattern on ETSY or RAVELRY or on my website shop HERE.

If you don’t know how to read amigurumi pattern you can visit my post about the topic HERE.

How to read amigurumi patterns and grab your free guide


Colour A: (Grey)

1: MC, 6 SC [6]

2: INC x6 [12]

3: (SC, INC) x6 [18]

4: (2 SC, INC) x6 [24]

5: (3 SC, INC) x6 [30]

6: (4 SC, INC) x6 [36]

7: (5 SC, INC) x6 [42]

8: (6 SC, INC) x6 [48]

9: (7 SC, INC) x6 [54]

10-16: SC in each stitch around [54]

crochet free pattern

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Insert the eyes between rounds 13/14, with 10 stitches visible between them. (Insert the eyes on the left side of your round end)

17: (7 SC, DEC) x6 [48]

18: (6 SC, DEC) x6 [42]

19: (5 SC, DEC) x6 [36]

20: (4 SC, DEC) x6 [30]

21: (3 SC, DEC) x6 [24]

22: (2 SC, DEC) x6 [18]stuff head firmly

23: In the BLO (1 SC, DEC) x6 [12] (Place a stitch marker in the first front loop of this round)

24: (DEC) x6 [6] – close the head, weave in tail

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Colour A: (Grey)

The body requires no stuffing, working in DC stitches.(Chain 2 at each round, doesn’t count, slip stitch at the top of each chain 2)

(Rejoin the yarn in the front loop of round 23 of the head where you left a stitch marker)

1: CH2, DC in each (Front Loop) stitch, Slip stitch at the top of the CH2 [18]

2: CH2, (2 DC, INC) x6 [24]

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3: CH2, Place arm 1 [6], DC in next 7 stitches, Place arm 2 [6], DC next 5 stitches [24] * Thumbs should show to the front*

4: CH2, (3 DC, INC) , x6 [30]

5: CH2, (4 DC, INC) x6 [36]

6: CH2, (5 DC, INC) x6 [42]

7: CH2, (6 DC, INC) x6 [48]

8-9: CH2, DC in each stitch around [48] 

10: CH2, (6 DC, DEC) x6 [42]

11: CH2, DC in each stitch around [42]

Free mouse pattern

Jessi from Midwestnesthandmade

Made and tested this little mouse in velvet yarn. 

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Bumpy the turtle is my newest pattern! He is definitely a favored amounts my followers, you can make him for free clicking HERE.

12: CH2, (5 DC, DEC) x6 [36]

13: CH2, DC next 8 stitches, Insert leg (6), DC in next 4 stitches, Insert leg 2 (6), DC in the last 12 stitches [36]

14: CH2, (4 DC.DEC) x6 [30]

15: CH2, (3 DC, DEC) x6 [24]

Now you will be working in SC stitches in continuous rounds

16: (SC 2, DEC) x6 [18]

17: (SC, DEC) x6 [12]

18: DEC x6 [6]

Cut the yarn and weave in the end.

free crochet mouse pattern

Karolane Fiola also tested this pattern for me and she embroidered all the details onto the face.

Facial details:



With White cotton yarn, place a long stitch against the outer corner of the eye. be careful not to pull it so tight that it slips under the eyes.


With the pink yarn from the tail and feet, embroider a square nose between the eyes. Placement of the nose, between rounds 13/14, 4 stitches wide.

lip split, whiskers, and brows:

Make sure you take a long string of thin cotton thread or embroidery floss. Make the lip first, from the center at the bottom of the nose down 4 rounds make a vertical stitch. from there, make one side of the whiskers, 5 stitches away from the lip between the 4 rounds. Place the top whisker at an angle with the outer corner pointing up, the middle whisker should be straight and the bottom whisker should be in a downward angle.

Follow the same instruction on the opposite side. The brows are last, make two small downward stitches above each eye, one round wide.

And you are done! I hope you enjoyed making this mouse as much as I did! 

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free crochet mouse
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