free crochet snuggler patterns

Cute crochet snugglers- Free patterns

Snugglers, also known as “Loveys,” are a comforting sensory toys for small children or babies.

Traditionally, a “Lovey” has a blanket (Granny square or star shape) with a head and arms sew to the center of it. But, snugglers are left with a unstuffed body to mimic the feel of a cozy blanket, while still featuring a head and limbs of a full crochet toy.

These snuggler companions are beneficial for toddlers and babies experiencing separation anxiety. Whether it’s during naptime or bedtime, snugglers offer a reassuring presence that helps little ones feel safe and protected.

Snugglers can also be used for journeys and adventures outside of the home, such as road trips, doctor appointments or visiting family. They create familiarity in a new or scary environment.

As a disclaimer I have to point out that small infants should never be left alone with a big snuggler/ blanket toy and always be supervised by an responsible adult. 

Also many people use safety eyes on making snugglers, just be aware that these small plastic pieces can be a chocking hazard for small children 

Here is a list of all my free snuggler patterns you can find on my blog

These patterns are free here on my ads supporting website, if you want the Printable pattern with photo tutorial you can purchase the “ADS FREE PATTERN” on ETSY or RAVLERY

Each of these free patterns has a direct link to the PDF pattern that you can purchase in my shops.

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I have more of these cute snugglers designs in my ETSY shop and RAVELRY. 

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